Welcome to
Smokin Aces Tattoo Co.


Smokin Aces Tattoos Co. is a respected tattoo and piercing studio with two locations in Bloomington and Normal.

Since 2011, our Bloomington studio has been located in Historic Downtown Bloomington, surrounded by local businesses and a lively bar district. We actively engage with the community, collaborating with local chapters and charities to make a positive impact.

Spanning around 1800 square feet, our Bloomington studio provides a spacious and comfortable setting for our clients. We specialize in custom tattoo and piercing designs, ensuring each artwork is tailored to individual preferences.

In 2019, we expanded to our Normal location, conveniently situated on Illinois State University’s campus. Our Normal studio spans around 1000 square feet and shares the same commitment to custom artwork and community involvement.

At both locations, our main focus is delivering exceptional custom artwork for our clients. Our skilled artists work closely with each individual, employing various styles and techniques to create personalized designs.

Smokin Aces Tattoos Co. welcomes you to visit either our Bloomington or Normal studio, where our dedicated artists are ready to bring your creative vision to life.